lofi hip hop straight from the arctic

into the night (May 25, 2018)

After over 500k streams since launching in November 2017, lo-fi hip-hop artist POLR releases his third EP, "Into the Night," inspired by the calm and peaceful feeling of dusk.

POLR Into the Night 3300p.jpg


POLR, digitally portrayed as a giant polar bear with an MPC and a polaroid camera, aims to combine meaning with grooving rhythm and bass. This young producer, real name Micah Von, got his start doing a remix for indie pop artist Vian Izak. The remix was noticed by Spotify Germany who put it on their chill bass playlist. The remix received over 425k streams and Micah found himself with a growing following.

Now a year later POLR launches as a lo-fi hip-hop project focusing on rhythm and meaning. The third four song EP, titled “Into the Night”, is a jazz infused EP featuring sweeping saxophone, grooving bass lines and pocket drums.

This EP will be released on May 25, 2018 and will have the support of indie pop label, Vohnic Music LLC. The songs will be shared with Spotify, Deezer, and Google Play reps for playlist consideration. Chill out. Grab a blanket. And listen to POLR…


"The deep lo-fi groove is accented by real and vintage vocal samples topped over emotional guitar licks. It's a groovy and almost nostalgic feel. The record could easily be described as timeless."

-Gems & Secrets (https://goo.gl/K7GmCy)


"Grooviest polar bear I've ever met." 

-Vian Izak